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Again my wife and I would like to thank you most sincerely for the invaluable information you provided us on your final inspection of our new house. It is amazing that you and I went through the same things in the house, but you picked out all the items that were not quite correct, while I walked pass blindly. That is worse than a blind person. Only by going through this experience that we have the deepest appreciation of your expertise, which manifested itself in the fact that the builder never challenged one item on your lists. If not for your help, I shudder at what might have been a can of worms for us down the road.

Thank you for providing excellent home inspection services. We want you to know how grateful we are for you time and patience in performing a meticulous and expert inspection on the house. Your thoroughness and expertise saved us from a lot of aggravation and unnecessary expenditures. We reached an equitable agreement with the seller to address the deficiencies that you noted, including a few that I am certain would have gone undetected had we chosen any other inspection service company.

Thanks again for your help, you did a great inspection, it was money well spent for us and we'll be sure to recommend you in the future. Thank you.

Thanks for your help with the inspection. My builder was very impressed with your presentation and agreed to resolve everything on your summary page. It was well worth the $$$.

Blazek Building Inspections Services, Inc.